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Clothes, Pets, Plants and Community for Pain Journey

Caring and community can help your pain management.

“When you have pain, if you can care for something outside yourself, it gives you hope and a purpose in life.” - M&M

Mark and Monica Neubauer are continuing their discussion on Pain Management in their 3rd episode on Mark’s Pain Journey. This episode focuses on CARING & COMMUNITY and how it can help manage pain. Caring for something outside yourself can be a good distraction from your pain, allowing you to find purpose and meaning in your life again and make you realize that your life IS worth living.

Forms of Caring:

  • Caring for yourself

  • Caring for your Spouse & family

  • Taking care of Plants

  • Taking care of an Animal

  • Caring about the community

M&M Words of Wisdom:

  • “What contributes to a better sense of well-being for you?”

  • “Your primary job is taking care of your body. Don’t feel bad about the time you need to take in order to care for your body”

  • “Give Yourself Permission! Know your body’s limitations”

  • “When you have pain, if you can care for something outside yourself, it will give you hope and a purpose in life.”

  • “If you can remove the obstacles that prevent you from doing what you need to do in life, you will have a smoother path through your pain journey.”

  • Find what you can do, don’t focus on what you can’t do.”

  • “If the roles in a relationship changes, find a new role.”

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A Community of Hope!

An Open Conversation is a caring community of people who are here to give you encouragement, support and hope through your pain journey.

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About The Neubauers:

Monica Neubauer is a Speaker, Author and Everything DiSC consultant.

Follow Monica at:

Mark Neubauer is a creator of many things. This website is for his art.



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