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Holidays and Relationships with Mark and Monica

Mark and Monica are looking forward to the holidays and time with family and friends. And with their favorite movies. Here is a review of the points Monica made at the end of the conversation. Remember, you cannot control others. You can only control yourself. Have some fun!

  1. Say you are Sorry. I am sorry.

  2. Forgive others. It is easier when they apologize, but it is good for you to do this all the time, regardless of whether they say it or realize it or not.

  3. Do your best to understand them.

  4. In conversation and time with others - at holidays or any gathering.

  5. Listen to what others are saying. If you disagree, listen until they finish. Thank them for the conversation and move on to another conversation. There is no need to argue. You won't change them.

  6. If you are a bit tired or don't want to "have to stay a long time". You don't have to stay. Go, have fun and leave early at an appropriate time. If it is at your house, you can go to bed and let your guests continue to have fun.

  7. Be in control of yourself. Whatever that means for you. For me, it means eating and drinking in moderation.

  8. Give grace to others. We all make mistakes. Let more things go. Give more hugs.

  9. Choose to no be offended.

  10. Take time to process the feelings you have when anyone is late or does something you don't like - process the feelings, snuggle the pet, or get or give a hug, and then move on.


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