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with Mark and Monica

Real Talk with Real People


Conversation. We speak too many times with too few words. The issues in our culture and in our relationships are never as simple as a quote, headline, or blog post may make them out to be. We think we can impact and change things with our tweets and texts and emails. While these tools bring ideas into the marketplace, they don’t create environments for learning and understanding.


We seldom advance our understanding of complex issues from brief encounters. Growth, change, and depth of relationships are developed from time spent together, listening to another person tell their story, or sharing our own story. When we swap experiences and share the things we have learned and felt, then we are having conversation that may affect change and perceptions.


With this platform, we hope to create an environment that fosters personal change and growth by sharing our own experiences and encouraging others to share theirs. Join us and participate in an open conversation.

Join the Conversation Many Ways

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