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About An Open Conversation

Monica and Mark Neubauer.jpeg

An Open Conversation is a project of passion for Mark and Monica Neubauer.  They learned early on in their marriage the importance of conversation together and have spent at least an hour in conversation most every day for the last 20+ years of their 33 year marriage.  They also learned the importance of communication from living in international communities where there were always at least 2 ways to view things, and sometimes 5 or 6.  

Mark and Monica lived their early married life in international communities around the world.  They raised 2 children in Franklin, TN who have grown up into beautiful adults.  Mark is a graphic designer and creator by skill and passion.  He creates art, builds furniture, renovates vans, and is always dependable for delicious soups and dinners.  Monica is an entrepreneur, managing several businesses at once, which is sometimes fun and sometimes too crazy, even for her.  She is a real estate agent, speaker, podcaster, author and owns an online retail clothing boutique.  


Their goldendoodle Charlie is the 3rd member of their household these days and has been great company since he arrived.  

The vision for An Open Conversation is to see others have more conversation with friends and family to increase understanding of situations, positions and problems. The podcast will start with some conversations Mark and Monica have grown through and move towards any topic of interest to them or their listeners. 

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