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Actively Listening for Better Results with Sue Mohr

Are you committing ASSUMICIDE?

We have lost the Art of Listening. We are facing an epidemic of people not being able to listen effectively. People are caught in the habit of Assumicide where we only hear half of the things that people say and just assume what we believe people are saying.

Sue Mohr, a Master Certified Life and Business Coach/Consultant has joined Monica Neubaue to have An Open Conversation about Actively Listening.

About 90% of the problems in relationships come from not listening. Everyone wants to be heard and wants to talk, but we need to take away our automatically self-focused nature and learn how to actively listen to hear other’s perspectives.

Sue shares with Monica’s listeners her technique of repeating back. When someone is talking, repeating in your head what the person is saying transforms you into an active listener. This allows you to stop your own thinking, pushing out the other thoughts swirling in your head and centering you to just focus on the person talking.

Sue and Monica discuss the awareness that you need to be an effective listener.

There are 3 main areas that will help you master the art of listening:

  1. Know the person speaking - their personality and history

  2. Respect the person the person speaking

  3. Understand yourself

Once you become an active listener, you won’t believe how your world will change!

Sue Mohr Master Certified Life and Business Coach/Consultant

Sue Mohr started a coaching and consulting firm in 2003 called The Inner Vizion. The company serves creatives and entrepreneurs through a whole-istic approach focusing on mental, emotional, and business wellness. Sue's goal is to co-create with others, helping them find their true passion and vision. Her book, Hope Is … is sharing the message that No matter the circumstances Hope is available to YOU right now.

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