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Conflict Resolution Realities and Suggestions

Conflict Resolution

How do you resolve conflict in your relationships?

Mark and Monica Neubauer are back with an open conversation about resolving conflict in your marriage and potential with friends and teams as well. Without weathering storms or conflicts, there is no transformation of one’s self or the relationship. The Neubauers take you through the stages of a relationship from forming, norming, storming and ending with transforming. They give you tips for resolving conflict with your spouse and others so that it may lead to having more open conversations and better relationships.

M&M Words of Wisdom:

● “In conflict there can be some joy.”

● “Have serious conversations face to face.”

● “Do not fear the phrase, ‘we need to talk.’”

Tips for resolving conflict:

● Attitude - Be aware of the attitude that you bring to the conversation.

● Body Language -Pay attention to your body language and your spouse’s body language. What is being communicated?

● Timing - Have difficult conversations at a time that is good for both parties..

● Voice Inflections -listen to a person’s voice when they are talking during the conversation. Actions speak louder than words.

● Avoid words like, “You always…”

● Use positive reinforcement when talking about difficult situations.

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About The Neubauers:

Monica Neubauer is a Speaker, Author and Everything DiSC consultant.

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Mark Neubauer is a creator of many things. This website is for his art.



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