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Let's Have An Open Conversation

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

In a world of technology, have we lost our ability to have meaningful conversations with others?

Mark and Monica Neubauer started An Open Conversation Podcast as a response to this question. They realized that people are not talking and not having conversations. Many breakdowns in relationships stem from the inability to communicate. The Neubauers are here to share their personal journey of how they developed conversation and how it has helped them in their marriage and life. In this episode they dive into the question, “What is An Open Conversation?”

The Keys to having An Open Conversation:

  • Asking open ended questions

  • Hearing people's stories.

  • Hearing people's hearts.

  • Learning from each other.

  • Knowing each other’s love language.

  • Focus on what you agree on and not what you disagree on.

M&M Thoughts on Conversation

  • To be a great conversationalist, you must be a good listener.

  • You can only really learn about someone when listening to them.

  • Open-ended questions lead to more conversations.

Join An Open Conversation Community

If you want to start the journey to having better conversations and listen to An Open Conversation sign up at: We will send you 10 conversation starters to help you with having AN OPEN CONVERSATION.

You can contact Mark and Monica at We all have good stories! What is yours?

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The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman


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