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Mark and Monica Spiritual Journey #2 - Adjusting to the American Church

Spiritual Journey #2

Continue An Open Conversation about faith with Mark and Monica Neubauer as they share part 2 of their spiritual journey. Mark and Monica share how their faith journey changed as they moved from overseas to Tennessee. As they were recognizing the differences between the American Church and the International Church, they were also trying to understand differences in each other’s personality and how that impacted not only their church life but their married life. There are expectations and needs that people have coming into a marriage and a church that can impact your faith journey. Deconstructing your faith and understanding your personality, your needs and expectations, can lead you to a stronger walk with your partner and with God.

The Neubauers share their journey in faith and marriage so that it may lead to An Open Conversation for you in your spiritual journeys.

M&M Words of Wisdom:

  • “Give Grace and Space.”

  • “Ask Questions!”

  • “Understand each other’s personality”

  • “Know your needs and expectations of your church.”

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An Open Conversation is a caring community of people who are here to give you encouragement, support and hope through your pain journey and spiritual journey.

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About The Neubauers:

Monica Neubauer is a Speaker, Author and Everything DiSC consultant.

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Mark Neubauer is a creator of many things. This website is for his art.



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