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Spiritual Journey #4 - How to Read the Bible

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

How Do You Approach the Bible?

So many faith questions center around the Bible and how to understand the Scriptures. People have a hard time reading the Bible and relating it to their faith and everyday life. Mark and Monica Neubauer want to help listeners on their faith journey by focusing on the Bible in this episode of An Open Conversation.

The Neubauers are teaching listeners a different way to approach reading the Bible. They suggest studying the Bible as if you were a detective, utilizing the method of BRI, Basic Required Information - asking the who, what, where and why of the text. Giving yourself permission to ask questions of Scripture and having open conversations about your faith will lead to a stronger spiritual journey.

BRI Questions to Ask While Reading the Bible:

● Who is the author?

● Who is the text written for?

● What is the context that the text is written in?

● What locations were talked about in the text?

● Where is the author from?

● What is the author’s mood and situation?

● What is the genre of the text?

● What patterns of accommodations are revealed throughout the text?

Recommended Resources:

● Greg Boyd, Pastor of Woodland Hills Church

● Peter Enns, American Biblical Scholar

● Rachel Held Evans, an American Christian columnist, blogger and author

M&M Words of Wisdom:

● “Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story”

● “Give yourself permission to ask all the questions of the text.”

● “So many people walk away from their faith because of how they see it played out by humans.”

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About The Neubauers:

Monica Neubauer is a Speaker, Author and Everything DiSC consultant. Follow Monica at:

Mark Neubauer is a creator of many things. This website is for his art.


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