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The Benefits of Civil Service with Aaron Masliansky

The Benefits of Civil Service

Aaron Masliansky, a REALTOR® at Dream Town Realty, who is connected with his local and global community, has joined Monica Neubauer in An Open Conversation to discuss how Civil Duty and Civil Service can improve your life and the world around you. Choosing to be involved in Civil Service and being engaged in your community allows you to be connected to the people around you. It allows you to find people with similar interests.

Aaron’s motto is “by doing good, you feel good and can continue to do more good. “

The number one factor that makes people happy is community. If you step into the part of society that wants to do good and surround yourself with positive people, then these acts of service can change your moods and your outlook on the world. When you do good, it spreads and continues to grow.

Monica and Aaron discuss the challenges to living a life of service and give solutions and how we can be involved in civil service even if our time is limited. There are so many service opportunities in our community with varying degrees of commitment. Find something that you are passionate about and volunteer. Service can work in your schedule even if you have a busy life. Spend time with a friend or family member doing service together. There is strength in numbers. Not only are they company for you but you can motivate each other to be committed to the service you choose.

Monica and Aaron show us how we can help improve the world and our community by doing our duty through Civil Service.

Aaron Masliansky

REALTOR® at Dream Town Realty

Aaron Masliansky is a Realtor at Dream Town Realty. He is the past Chairman of the Global Real Estate Council at the Chicago Association of Realtors, a Young Professional Ambassador with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and a member of the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center and Rotary International.

Aaron hosts two podcasts to connect with his local and global communities. The first podcast is Inside the Skev, which is an exploration of the stories and life of the people and places of Skokie and Evanston, Illinois, a community rich in history, culture, and diversity. It was featured in the Chicago Tribune and the podcast for the National Association of Realtors. The second podcast is The Real Estate Diplomat, which is an American's guide to global real estate looking through a geo-political lens.

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