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One Caregiver's Story with Monica and Breeda Miller

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Caregiver Interview with Breeda Miller, from Mrs. Kelly’s Journey Home

“Take a Break, Before You Break!”

Breeda Miller, professional author, speaker and trainer has joined An Open Conversation to share her experiences in her personal caregiving journey with her mom. She is dedicated to helping caregivers carry on through encouragement and inspiration. Breeda interviewed Monica Neubauer about her role as a caregiver in Mark Neubauer’s pain journey and shared with our listeners the value of empathy and self-care. Her message to our community is “Take a Break, Before You Break” encouraging caregivers to give up the guilt and take care of themselves. She teaches caregivers about how to have awareness of the caregiving situation and learn to have empathy with the people around them. Breeda gives us the ability to “Give Ourselves Grace” in our caregiver journey.

Breeda Miller Professional Author, Speaker and Trainer Mrs. Kelly’s Journey Home

Breeda Miller’s Words of Inspiration:

  • “Take a Break, Before You Break.”

  • “Be Kind to Yourself.”

  • “Give Yourself Grace.”

Monica’s Wisdom:

  • “You have to grieve what won’t happen.”

  • “Try to speak nicer to each other.”

  • “I do my best not to live my life with areas of regret.”

  • “Give yourself permission”

  • “Seek resources. Is there something else that can help us?”

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